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Welcome to the Navgati packers and movers Chennai, We are one of the renowned and trusted relocation service provider in Chennai, We have become a leader in this industry and won the trust of our customers with our excellent service over the years. Why us:

  • Licensed & Experienced Packers and Movers Chennai
  • Best price guaranteed
  • Stress-free relocation by Navgati
  • Transit insurance to cover the risk

We keep updating ourselves and we use modern-age technology and advanced equipment with our professional and the customers feel that their goods are in the safe hands. 

With Our high-qualified and well-trained Packers and Movers Chennai professionals, we are able to provide you with such great facilities and won the trust of our clients, We have been able to create our top position in the Packing and Moving industry.

We are constantly striving to provide you with the best packing and moving services possible and to meet your expectations. We have a very strong network in Chennai, covering all the area of the city from centre to remotest location of the Chennai, Our packing and moving services are from Chennai to all over India. 

You can connect with us(Navgati Packers and Movers Chennai) very easily from anywhere in India via using your phone and internet, you can avail top class packing and moving services any time as per your convenience, because of such all things we are top best and different from other mainstream packers and movers Chennai.

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Navgati Best Packers and Movers Chennai!

Services Offered By Navgati Packers and Movers Chennai

To make the difficult task of relocating a home or office easier and hassle-free while also remaining within the customer’s budget, Navgati Packers and Movers Chennai offers a wide range of practical and necessary moving services.

So, if you’re thinking about hiring Navgati movers and packers Chennai, here are some of the wonderful and essential moving services that you can get from us to make the challenging process of moving easier and less stressful.

  • Complete packing service.
  • Trustworthy moving services across the nation.
  • Transportation insurance for each and every relocation.
  • Our Packing and Moving Chennai Services for completely safe and secure warehousing.
  • Fastest moving or office relocation services.
  • Door-to-door moving services.
  • Vehicle shifting services.
  • Transportation services for packing and moving.

Why Choose Navgati Packers and Movers Chennai

Packers and movers in chennai

We are the leader in the packers and movers industry in Chennai since 2015 due to our outclass services and our reputation among the people’s of Chennai. We have extremely talented and Packers and movers Chennai professional, who are able to provide you top class packing and moving services with guaranteed maximum satisfaction. We earned this reputation in the relocation field due to our such qualities described here:

Make Your Move Easy With Navgati Packers And Movers Chennai

With the reinforcement of our exceptionally talented and highly trained Packers and Movers Chennai professionals, we are able to finish all our packing and moving-related tasks on time. Due to our efficient labours, Navgati Packers and Movers Chennai are able to chop down the reaction and gives you the fastest speedy services possible, as our name defines and we also try to make our name truly meaningful and worthy “Navgati” Packers and Movers Chennai

Our exceptionally capable Research and Development come up with new innovation and advanced packing and moving arrangements, these are the reasons why we are able to deliver such premium Packers and Movers facilities at affordable prices.

We are the one of the kind packing and moving company in Chennai, who provides the guarantee of fastest delivery and services on time. we have won so many awards in Packing & Moving also we are the most trusted Packers and Movers Chennai Company.

Advantages of hiring Navgati Packers and Movers

We are the most trusted packers and movers Chennai providing services all around the corners of India. We are known for our premium services at such low prices, we are also the affordable packers and movers in chennai. We are expanding our networks day by day and increasing our presence in all cities of India.

Navgati best packers and movers Chennai have 1000+ warehouses associated with our network in India. No one can match our quality services as we are far ahead of our competitors, we have set high standards in the relocation industry in Chennai. Our warehouses are very large and highly secured, they are well equipped with CCTV cameras in every corner also our trained workers shift and carry your goods with great safety. We use advance latest techniques in packing to shifting in all relocation processes.

Safe And Secure

Packing of glasses in Box

Guarantee of safety and security

With the help of our professional packers and movers chennai team including skilled workers, truck drivers and efficient loaders, who have years of experience in safe driving and in goods handling, we provide a guarantee of safety for your goods. If you are hiring navgati packers and movers Chennai your goods are in safe hands. We organize weekly training for all our employees so that they can learn new skills in each session and can implement those techniques in each consignment for increasing the efficiency of their work.

Reasonable rate

Affordable Navgati

Relocation at a reasonable rate

Navgati Packes and Movers use modern technology and advance moving techniques so that we can offer premium services to our valuable customers. hence our services are premium but our prices are very reasonable which makes us a pocket-friendly packers and movers Chennai. If you are looking for affordable packers and movers who offers great service, always go for navgati packers and movers in Chennai.

Fastest Delivery

Delivery of goods

Fastest Delivery

Navgati packers and movers Chennai provides speedy delivery which makes us special and different from all our competitors. We believe in punctuality and complete each packing and moving task on time. Nav gati has a reputation in all over Chennai for its fastest-moving services.

Insurance facility


Insurance facility

We offer an insurance facility if you want, with every packing and moving deal, no one knows what will happen in future. if you will opt for an insurance facility with every deal, it will provide you double protection also you can claim for risk coverage at the time of any fateful and unexpected contingencies during the packing and moving process.

24x7 Customer Support

Customers Navgati

24x7 Customer Support

We are known as the reliable packers and movers in Chennai city, as our main priority is to provide customers happy moving. If any of our customers are facing any kind of difficulty they can contact us freely anytime. Our customer support executives will help them and guide them until their problem is resolved, We wholeheartedly welcome our customer’s feedback, which is the perfect way for the improvement. We are with you from the first call till your relocation process completes.

Customer satisfaction

Packing of box

Customer satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction is our top-most priority, to achieve this we provide customized packing and moving services and other related services. We follow certain measures so that we can provide you with hassle-free moving service to your desired destination in a very smooth manner. From your first call, we appoint a helping hand for you, who will co-ordinate with you, in each step and resolve your queries until your moving process ends.

Moving with our special carrier (container) -

We Navgati Packers and Movers Chennai are responsible and took great care and safety of customer's goods as the containers are specially designed and they have a safety lock system and can unlock only at the containers at the destination. Some of the facilities you will get by hiring our special carrier:-

No shipment Cost

You have to pay zero shipment cost if you are taking our special service or moving with special carrier of Navgati Packers and Movers Chennai.

Goods Protection

You goods will be safe and remain unseen throughout the shifting process. You can lock the container and can keep the key to yourself.

GPS Tracking system

All our moving trucks have GPS tracking system enabled, you can track your vehicle anytime you want to.

With the use of creative Containers, Navgati Packers and Movers Chennai have developed a very quick method to hold your possessions at the final location. The Container is your private facility for delivering your items directly to the intended location. Depending on the volume of the shipment to be transported, different-sized containers can be used. The Containers are built with sturdy metal on the surface and with precision engineering on the inside for unrivaled security.

Since customers secure these containers with their own protective locks and keep the keys with them to unlock them at their destination, Navgati Packers and Movers Chennai can guarantee the maximum safety and security of the products they are shipping. These are a few of the distinctive qualities of these containers:

  • No Transshipment
  • Reduces the cost of logistics
  • Your goods are both secure and hidden
  • Online consignment tracking with GPS
  • Encourage you to focus your efforts on your destination
  • There is no theft
  • Free 24-hour storage space is available
  • To keep the items secure, safety straps and shock-absorbing pads are inside the containers

As soon as you connect with us, A customer support executive will be assigned to guide you with moving details and give you all the information related to your relocation. You can anytime connect with us through our customer support at our number 9549856703. All your concern will be heard and resolved with priority at Navgati packers and movers Chennai.

Some tips to keep in mind before hiring any packers and movers Chennai

If you planning to move and looking for best house or office shifting services in chennai so it is necessary to plan everything before moving. Our expert Packers and Movers Chennai team will guide you thoroughly in details you should keep in mind before hiring any movers and packers in Chennai.

By following the mentioned tips, you can have a smooth relocation experience. If you want to move with Navgati packers and movers Chennai,We are waiting for you.

Packers and Movers Chennai - Local Shifting Rates 2023

House Size Packing Loading Transportation Unloading Total Cost(₹)

Packers And Movers Chennai - Inter City Shifting Rates 2023

House Size Upto 30 KM Upto 100 KM Upto 250 KM Upto 500 KM Above 500 KM

Packing that stands out by Navgati packers and Movers Chennai

In addition to doing a fantastic job moving your belongings, our packers and movers Chennai staff can help pack your belongings. From fragile items to clothes, our crew is skilled in packing. They are aware of exactly what to pack and how to complete your move as quickly as possible. When we get to your house, we have everything you need to be “Top Notch Ready” for moving day. Our Packers and Movers Chennai client has given us high praise for the following top-notch packing:

  •   First, cartons that are durable and long-lasting are gathered to hold your various items.
  •   Cartons for packing are selected according to the articles to be packed.
  •   We carefully pack the heavyweight objects at the bottom and the lightweight objects at the top in order to prevent damage the lighter products.
  •   To prevent fragile items from being scratched, they are covered in multiple folds of paper.
  •   The cartons are neatly sealed from top to bottom. Any kind of leakage will be avoided by proper sealing.
  •   We label the cartons according to the sequence of the items. Your unpacking would be simple and doable owing to this activity.
  •   Clothing doesn’t need to be packed individually; it can just be stored in its own drawer and relocated that way.
  •   Glassware and crystal are packaged separately. To prevent breaking, we don’t try to keep one on top of the other.
  •   Plates and bowls are stacked one above the other, having plates at the bottom.
  •   We set up a certain day for packing each room so that it will be easier for you to manage. This will help break the process into manageable chunks.
  • Enjoy your packing with Navgati packers and movers Chennai.

Tips And Tricks For Easy Relocation | Navgati Chennai

We frequently have to relocate for either personal or business reasons. Relocating is difficult enough as it is, so packing and moving your belongings safely may be the most stressful aspect of the entire process. In this article, we discuss the top 6 moving and packing hacks to make the process simpler. After using these moving hacks and advice, hiring a professional packers and movers services like Navgati Packers and Movers Chennai will make things a lot simpler.

Navgati Packers and Movers Chennai offers you a simple and secure way to transport your possessions, so if you’re preparing to move and are frantically trying to hire movers and packers in Chennai to assist you to shift houses pleasantly, look no further. 

There are a few packing and moving techniques you can apply to streamline the process and reduce stress, even though our skilled packers and movers Chennai team are the best at what they do. You can effortlessly move your stuff without worrying about damage thanks to these useful packing and shifting tips and tactics. Continue reading to learn more.

  •   Start Early: Get a head start on packing. The daily task will be made simpler in this way. For instance, go toward the region in an increasing order of movement starting from the rooms you rarely use. Spread out the work over several days to avoid any form of disruption.
  •   Pack Smart: The most important thing when moving from one area to another with best packers and movers Chennai is to pack appropriately. The products you have packed, how effectively the packages were arranged in the cartons, how many categories you have put your packages into, and how everything was loaded into the moving truck are all crucial factors to consider while packing for a move.
  •   Mark the Packing Bags: When you’re finished packing, let’s move on to the next moving and packing advice! If you want to pack items instead of using packers and movers Chennai services, to prevent damage, label your boxes with terms like “fragile,” “linens,” and “accessories,” and keep electronics and liquids apart. By doing it in this manner, you can save time and do something more important while organizing your belongings easily while unpacking.
  •   Use anti-static packing bubbles: Keep electrically conductive objects away from your electronics. Anti-static bubbles(get easily from packers and movers Chennai) are ideal for your devices because they don’t conduct electricity. These bubbles are conveniently offered in shops all across the city.
  •   Do not use Duct Tape: When it comes to tightly secure hefty material, duct tapes are not very trustworthy. Therefore, using packaging tape is advised because it is dependable and durable.
  •   Safety and Security: Your first considerations when packing and moving must be safety and security. A professional packers and movers Chennai advises that you must be extra careful when packing your fragile items. Additionally, make sure that everything is neatly packaged and stowed.

Concluding Remarks

Utilize the packers and movers Chennai services offered by Navgati to make your relocation simple. Our staff members are skilled and knowledgeable, and they complete every assignment quickly and effectively.

You may get all the solutions you need, from house relocation services to car relocation, at Navgati Packers and Movers in Chennai and throughout India. Thanks to our widespread presence in the country, we can provide quick services.

Four Mistakes To Avoid For A Stress-Free Relocation from Chennai

Even the best of individuals find moving and packing to be difficult tasks. No matter how frequently you pack and move from packers and movers Chennai, it remains a significant burden for anyone. Your entire existence must be packed up in crates and boxes, which is a difficult task and causes emotional turmoil. But since moving is a necessity in life, you had better move quickly or risk falling behind.

For some people, it’s a relief that they don’t have to deal with packing or relocating their household on their own because there is a wealth of support and assistance on the market for their convenience. Many movers and packers Chennai are readily available, convenient, and only a phone call away. These Packers and movers Chennai services providers have a tonne of moving and packing expertise.

Many people are migrating into or changing to this city as a result of the opportunities in the academic, industrial, and IT sectors. For their expert services, Chennai packers and movers are in high demand.

A new location would be exciting to move to. But when you have a strict schedule or a large budget, you need to remember certain fundamental ideas that will help your move be effective. Getting everything together for packing could be stressful.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid for a stress-free relocation-

  •   Don’t hire cheap movers and packers Chennai: When selecting a packers and movers Chennai, don’t let price or quote play a deciding role. Your belongings are priceless and might hold a lot of emotional value. However, you shouldn’t base your decision solely on the item’s lowest price.
  •   Use suitable packaging materials: During a move, the type of packing used and how the items are packed are critical factors. When moving, using high-quality packaging materials can save time, money, and problems, especially if you have more expensive and delicate objects that need to be packed and relocated. Navgati packers and movers Chennai use high quality Packing and moving materials.
  •   Consider transportation insurance: It is prudent to cover your priceless items while in transportation or storage, just as it is crucial to ensure your assets and valuable possessions at home. When preparing for a stress-free move, choosing transit insurance is usually beneficial. To get a better deal and affordable premiums, speak with an insurance provider. Your property can be accidentally lost during transit if you have transit insurance.
  •   Avoid making full payment: When signing the contract to hire packers and movers Chennai, you must make a number of advance payments. Although different businesses have different payment periods, it is advised against paying the entire amount upfront. Decide on a feasible payment schedule where a portion of the total is paid after delivery.

Concluding Remarks

Moving doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. By consistently offering a high caliber, dependable service, we keep things simple. Choosing Navgati Packers and Movers in Chennai is the best approach to make sure that your moving day goes without a hitch. To discover how we can make your upcoming move simple, get in touch with us right away.

Considerations Before Choosing Packers And Movers In Chennai

It is now quite tough to select the best packers and movers Chennai because there are thousands of relocation firms available in every city in India. So, in order to ensure a quick and secure move, here are 12 things to be aware of:

  1. Reputation: The first factor is their reputation in the Packers and Movers Chennai. Reputation can be investigated online via their official website, which contains a wealth of information, and by consultation with previous clients and consumers.
  2. Affordable: It is essential to take affordability into account. When setting a budget and paying the packers, a customer should always make prudent investments. Asking about the pricing and, if necessary, negotiating the fees, are essential to packers and movers Chennai.
  3. Trained teams: The moving service workers should be professionally trained in manners and packing, and they shouldn’t be unprofessional or inebriated. On the day of the move, they must be present and have all the necessary tools of packing.
  4. Techniques: It is essential to take working(packers and movers Chennai) methods into consideration. The employment of technologically advanced implements and instruments by the workforce is required in order to reflect the best possible method of packing and moving and please the consumers.
  5. Written Policy: When choosing packers and movers Chennai services for packing and moving, having a written form of a signed policy is required and should be regarded as the most crucial factor. A written proof, such as a hard copy of a policy with procedures and a signature, can guarantee the deal’s completion.
  6. Working: It is also important to take into account the work’s precision, the pace at which services are rendered, and the productivity of the employees. One needs to inquire how many days it will take the service providers to complete the packing and relocation. On other hand Navgati packers and movers Chennai takes upto 10 hours.
  7. Reviews: Reviews and recommendations are quite helpful before choosing packers and movers Chennai. They can give you a lot of suggestions about a company’s professionalism and level of customer service. Check out the internet reviews as a result.
  8. Communication: It’s crucial to speak with service providers directly. Additionally, putting together an impromptu plan to move products should be avoided because careful planning always wins out over rash judgments.
  9. Resolution of post-move complaints: In order to make the relocation hassle-free, you must ensure that you pick a reputable packers and movers Chennai company who adopts customer-centric methods, such as post-move customer care, offering post-move settling-in services, etc.
  10. Insurance: To prevent any hassles later, you must insist on damage coverage for your consignment from packers and movers Chennai. In the event of any damage, be sure to specify the correct value to guarantee a speedy damage care procedure.
  11. Packing: Demand that all of your belongings be packed properly, and make sure that the best packing materials are utilized to do so without skimping on quality.
  12. Transparency: The packers and movers Chennai company should always be available to answer your questions and should be able to allay any concerns you may have about the relocation.

Recently asked Questions-

Navgati packers and movers is a trusted relocation company for the past 10+ years that provides speedy and reliable services.

You can easily find Navgati packers and movers chennai on google by searching its name. All the contact details are available on our official website.

We Normally take 3-4 hours for packing and loading of a 1BHK house. It also depends on the quantity of the goods.

Some possessions such as liquid, inflammable items like gas cylinders, pots and other sensitive things are not be allowed in the vehicle

Sometimes due to some unforeseen accidents can result in damage, If you want to claim coverage in this situation, you must take insurance.

We are aware that plans are subject to alteration at any time. Because of this, Navgati Packers & Movers offers a free cancellation policy when you make a reservation. You won't be at danger or lose money if you cancel your booking.

The requirement for Navgati Packers and Movers in Chennai is to confirm slot reservations in order to prevent any unforeseen delays or inconveniences. The deposit sum will be changed when your quotation is finally paid.

Your specialized move packer and movers manager, whose information is listed in the confirmation email, can help you postpone your move. Your relocation manager will reschedule the movement in accordance with the slots that are available.

Yes, beds and other furniture can be disassembled and reassembled by Navgati Movers & Packers at no additional cost. However, before moving, you must inform your specific relocation manager.

No, quick quotes are prepared based on the item list and apartment size, as well as the date and distance of the relocation.

Yes, the vendor provides all packing supplies and labor costs and includes them in the package.

By telling your specific move manager, you can insure your goods. You must buy the protected package addon that Navgati Packers and Movers offer. Along with insurance, this add-on offers a lot of other advantages.

Moving insurance is a service offered by movers and packers that offers complete protection for household or business possessions against unanticipated events during the transfer. Approximately 3 percent of the entire expense of the relocation services goes toward moving or transit insurance.

Yes, Navgati Packers and Movers in Chennai can transport your vehicle outside of the city. Special covered containers will be used to carry your car securely to your new home.

At least a week or two before the move, you might contact Navgati Packers and Movers in Chennai. We can better plan your move this way, ensuring a smooth move.

Since we've been in business for the past seven years, we have never had a single unhappy client. Our superior service and our customers' trust in us speak for themselves.

For your car to be moved, provide documents like a letter of transfer or of membership, as well as a copy of the RC book.

Due to the possibility of their suffering from a lack of water and light, as well as potential temperature fluctuations while inside the van, Navgati Packers and Movers in Chennai do not accept responsibility for the safe transportation of your plants.

If you only use the company's transport facilities, the GST rate is 5%; however, when a customer uses all of the company's relocation services (packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking), the fee is 18%.

Packing and unpacking fees, labor costs, transportation costs based on distance and vehicle type, insurance (if purchased), toll fees, octroi, taxes, etc. are the primary cost elements in movers and packers fees. For extra services such as disassembling, assembling, warehousing, insurance, and more, there are fees.

Navgati advice not to shift such items like fruits and vegetables, as they may mix or get smelled during shifting. If our client want to shift then Navgati packers provide a seal pack boxes to store your items.

Yes, we also provide international relocation at affordable price. 

Simply, Packers as from word, Pack. Packers means pack your goods. Movers as from work, Move. Movers moves your goods.

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Our Happy Clients

testimonial 1 Navgati


I called navgati packers and movers Chennai for shifting my house, their service is very good and they provided damage free relocation. I will suggest my friends and family members too.



We opted Navgati packers and movers while shifting from chennai to Hyderabad. They gave us the bestest service. People are very professional. I am completely satisfied with their service.


Sonal Singh

Navgati best movers and packers is really a reputed firm in india. I had an amazing experience with them while shifting from gurgaon to noida. All members are very helpful and professional. I will definitely recommend others Navgati for packing and moving services.

we helped anup shakya to move their office from chennai to bengaluru with perfect shifting in time.

Nikhil bhati

We have used Navgati Packers and Movers services many times for our chennai office shifting and our experience with Navgati is very good becuase of their professional service.

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